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  1. The reason that today’s progressives aren’t having the success that our country needs is because too many people like you are backing the right-wing policies of our current president.I think the question was what have YOU done. What positive change have YOU effected?

  2. salam ostadbbakhshid mozahemeton shodam man shahrestani hastam inja hata b moasesat arshad ham dastresi nadaram vali mikham rotbe khobi biaram nemikham to azmonha sherkat konam b nazar shoma mitonam??rasti az15shahrivar shro mikonam b khondan rozi 6ta7sat khobe??mitonam ba’zi vaghta az shoma moshavere bgiram??age in lotfo dar hagham konid vaghean mamnon misham

  3. I am proud to say that I was one of the parents who opened my home to a young boy in the program. I would pick him up at Hillspoint School with my son and he stayed with us until it was time to catch the bus. I remember that he was a very sweet and polite.My children also participated in Intercommunity Camp in Westport.

  4. Kemampuan anak memang lain-lain ya. Kdg ada kekhawatiran jg sis..ketika melihat anak yg usianya di bwh harits,hafalan suratnya dah byk. Harits anaknya moody bgt. Msh suka bingung metode utk hafalan qur’an. Ana sendiri ngrasa bukan pendidik yg kreatif. Klo IQRO’, baca tulis, pake buku panduan dr TKIT Al ausath solo. Hafalan surat, dan do’a yg kyknya aku blum nemu yg cocok. Ada pengalaman g? Jazakillah khoyr.

  5. 2001-2002 sezonunda Sami Yen’de Galatasaray’a 1-0 yenildigimiz macta tek golu yanilmiyorsam 70.dakikada kafayla atan futbolcu olarak kalmis hafizamda. Yine sanirsam ki Ilhan Mansiz’in da 1 topu direkten donmustu daha once 🙂

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  9. According to Zogby, 42% of the country’s population believe the Jews or the US government did 9/11 and covered it up. That means that 42% of the country are retards.To those idiots, Obamessiah looks like a man speaking truth to power. Presumably truth is a property of propositions. And propositions are specific utterances. Strangely, none of Obama’s utterances are propositions. They are mere descriptions.But to the 42% retards, they are descriptions that lead to change.Pfft.

  10. Tym razem pitaval? :)Prorokuję, że po książce Pani Łyżeczki i Sosenki oraz Marcina Brixtena, zbiorek Twojego autorstwa będzie kolejnym wydaniem, które urodzi się w Salon24.plPiszesz dopiero od trzech miesięcy? Dlaczego tak krótko!

  11. You have been writing of 'pink ballets' for some time, and it seems there is much more to the whole scenario. Thank you for putting this together for those who find it incomprehensible – which sadly does not mean it doesn't happen. It is a life that many children, teenagers and older people have lived. We need to fathom ways to prevent it, starting right now.

  12. At least you have a diaper bag to go toe to toe with – I’ve always left mine somewhere and am surreptitiously trying to lift a diaper and a few wipes out of the stranger’s bag beside me. It’s awkward. And I’m wearing clothes with vomit on them so the police can follow my stench.

  13. Mais ça fait belle lurette que Trichet et Draghi injecte des liquidités. Mais pour quel résultat ?Hein ?Pour quel résultat ?Quand le moteur d’une voiture a fondu, la voiture ne peut pas redémarrer. Et tous les neuneus peuvent rajouter de l’essence dans le réservoir, la voiture ne pourra pas redémarrer. Et tous les neuneus peuvent carrément faire déborder le réservoir de la voiture, l’essence tombera par terre … et la voiture ne pourra TOUJOURS PAS redémarrer.Â

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  15. قال:يا أخي المساحة تستعمل لحفظ الصور و الفيديوهات و الملفات على الخادمات السحابية ، لتجنب ضياعها أو حذفها عن طريق الخطأ و حتى يصبح بإمكانك الولوج لملفاتك من أي مكان ، وليس لتنصيب التطبيقات ، إدا أردت مساحة لكي تقوم بتنصيب تطبيقات عليها ما عليك سوى شراء ميموري كارد.

  16. Ah mes petits gauchos vous voyez toujours d un seul oeil. L un d entre vous, peut t il m expliquer pourquoi a peine une semaine apres l election, on nous dit que le programe d’Hollande ne tient pas la route…..Pour tout ceux qui insultent notre President , comme les enfants disent: C est celui qui le dit, qu il y est!

  17. Emídio: A ESPN passou vários jogos do college durante a temporada regular no canal HD. Os jogos ao vivo costumavam passar na Quinta a noite. Algumas vezes passavam também nas sextas e sábados de noite/madrugada, em reprises ou ao vivo. A temporada, esse ano, começa no dia 1º de setembro.

  18. Me encanta BCBG y éste pantalón te queda precioso… por cierto guapa, no estamos muy lejos, yo me vine a vivir a Cancún y hace poquito fui a Miami, creo que ya te dije, lo que no sabía (y acabo de leerlo) es que tú estás viviendo ahí! Por un mes no? Si estuvieras más seguro que coincidíamos!Un besitooM.

  19. இந்தக் கடிதத்தின் ஒரே ஒரு பயன் கருணாநிதியை அம்பலப் படுத்துவது மட்டுமே.இருந்தும் என்ன? எருமை மாட்டின் முதுகில் பெய்த மழை மாதிரித் தான் அதுவும்.பார்வதி அம்மாள் இலங்கை திரும்பியிருக்கலாம்.கருணாநிதிக்கு மிரட்டலாகவுள்ள அளவுக்கு அவர் ராஜபக்சவுக்கு மிரட்டல் அல்ல.

  20. I guess the long and short of it is that the coaching staff is recruiting higher caliber players than in previous years, and these guys are having a chance to play sooner. I just keep remembering that game in… 1998 I think? Texas A&M was the first game of a promising season, and some awful number of starters were all hurt that first game and out for the majority of the season. Happily, it looks like the conditioning of the current group is such that injuries like were received in that game are more unlikely to happen.

  21. I have a small kitchen too – but that's fine as one day I dream of a large kitchen with an Island in the middle – and that thought keeps me putting up with the small kitchen for now! Really nice to meet you at FBC last weekend!

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  23. – Correct, the Sony NEX cameras do not use M4T sensors. I stuck them in the M4T category because they are a lot closer to M4T than DSLR…even Sony keeps them separate from their Alpha DSLR’s (though they share the same sensors).In other words, comparing a NEX to competing M4T cameras from Olympus and Panasonic would confuse people a lot less than comparing one to a DSLR camera.

  24. Hattie also released a statement requesting respect for her privacy during this difficult time as she tries to cope with the fact that she spent 9 months in a womb only to encounter tremendous heartbreak upon realizing that her mother is Tori Spelling

  25. Brianna, I read this book a few months ago and felt the same way you do…just almost at a loss for words. I felt so inspired by the love and compassion of the Hamlin’s for these women. I am glad I read it!!! and will never forget it. I want to live that kind of life…where ever God puts me!!

  26. 4-14-2009 esta confirmado lo de AC/DC en lima???erick, tienes razón.. la enemistad con el pueblo peruano es la cosa mas absurda que solo a un puñado de gente vinculada con el poder, en ambos paí­ses, le pudo beneficiar. Bien lo dijo Black sabbath en su canción war pigsPoliticians hide themselves awayThey only started the warWhy should they go out to fight?They leave that to the poorYeah!El rock une los pueblos sin dudas…Peruanos, colombianos, ecuatorianos, chilenos, etc.. todos una sola raza guerrera

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  29. I totally have that power. For example, I just wave my hand and say, “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for,” and people listen to me.And, of course, as you already know, I don’t think I’m too good for you.

  30. Halleluja! Bare i dag observerte jeg ei PT pÃ¥ Evo som hadde en litt eldre dame som kunde. Hun mÃ¥tte ta ettbeins knebøy med ett bein i en slynge, mens hun løftet en medisinball over hodet mellom hver rep. HVORFOR? Øvelsen var dessuten alt for tung for henne sÃ¥ det ble knapt knekk i knærne. Samme pt-dama presterte Ã¥ si til en kunde at «Hvis du vil ha SLANKE legger mÃ¥ du gjøre dette masse = tÃ¥hev i smithmaskinen…. Og dette betaler de 600kr time for. Frustrende Ã¥ observere

  31. LORDY I can't believe the difference in the before and after, you go GIRL!!!! You kicked the crap outta that mess! Please come help me with mine, I'll make us kiwi and strawberry martini's :)There is that trusty vest, you still have me on the hunt for one. I love you Grandmothers bone bead necklace, I wearing your Mum's pink tooth today 🙂 You make these prairie type dress more rock-n-roll than anyone.You look lovely as always, enjoy your night out me dear!!!Missingyou~Krista

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  34. Sim, não se deve confundir a realização dos JO com a ditadura chinesa. Se havia confusão a fazer, que tivesse sido feita na atribuição da organização. Estando esta decidida, sendo o espírito dos Jogos aquele que é, façam-se.Outra história é andar a desenhar caracóis sobre aquilo que é uma nação ocupada.

  35. >SteevyChez nous on pourrait écrire, par exemple : Juan del Río, l’archevêque militaire* d’Espagne maintient la police dans sa diocèse.C’est évident qu’il manque la politique, mais on peut imaginer qu’il est dextrogyre.*Il a le rang de général de division.

  36. Leliana's Song is actually a prequel, taking place before the main events of the game, but assuming you already know what happens. Since it gives backstory for a much-loved character whom Mark has never encountered, it's probably not necessary for this playthrough.

  37. I’m in a really bad place with everything at the moment but I’m gradually getting there. I’m paying off £34,000 (ish) on a DMP with the CCCS and the strain from month-to-month is hard to deal with.I’m down to £27,400 now.However, reading articles like this help me to look forwards to when I’m declared debt-free. I imagine it to be a glorious day.

  38. Hola a los dos!P’al Tolgui: Si has resuelto lo de publicar desde el PDA con fotos, avísame, que sigo sin dar con un soft que me sirva!P’al Nemo: Tú mismo; los artículos de pruebas los voy borrando a medida que voy poniendo cosas más serias…

  39. Enfin moi!Je vais être bref: un merci chaleureux pour l’ensemble de vos touchants témoignage! :-)Et à propos des deux derniers commentaires, je laisse ça aux gestionnaires de QU d’en juger leur pertinence…Mais disons que pour ma part, je prends ça comme un cadeau, et au plaisir de vous revoir, ou plutôt de vous relire sur!Avec toute mon amitié,Jean

  40. Laylita, buenas tardesesta ensalada de frutas es espectacular, es asi como se encuentran esta exquisita bebida en las esquinas del centro de nuestra urbe porteña Guayaquil, sabias que esta es una bebida arraigada en nuestra tierra y deribada hacia otros paises…. Te felicito por este sin numero de recetas…Saludos Cordiales

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  42. !Michael helped to close my mental loop that I was trying to complete after reading Mr. Ash’s piece last week. I knew I didn’t agree with what Mr. Ash way saying, it just took someone much smarter than I to help me get there.Thanks Michael.

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  44. I haven’t been on here in a while, school and all. Could the numbers be related to the chronological order the sisters were born? Like, Zara would be 5 and Rathina would be 6. It sort of makes sense, otherwise I have no idea. I’m so excited for the Charmed Return!!

  45. I love the illustrations too, but until I started reading, I had no idea this was supposed to be dark. The girl in the illustration looks calm, like’s she looking at a photo album of pictures taken with her boyfriend and pondering her relationship or school problems of a teen. The photograph — I agree with other comments — is too posed. It reminds me of a CD cover for a musician. It’s a wonderful image, but it doesn’t connect with what the words suggest. Other angles the photographer might have? Maybe more close up with her hair over her face or something showing those words in her expression?

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  50. "No worries. The IDF has got it all solved. There will be no more kidnappings because soldiers are now instructed to blow themselves up instead"The problem is that Hamas plans to capture civilians (which incidentally it will say are soldiers – and the main stream media will accept the Hamas line).

  51. Thanks, Jonathan. Glad you liked the interview.I’ll send you an email about the anthology. I think it’s actually a different one, but if you’re talking about the one I’m thinking about, you’re way ahead of me (vague much? )

  52. Wow. The post was actually very interesting, pointing to cultural differences. Yet the comments are, again, mostly about how terrible Fallon is. Based on your vitriol alone, I’ll be rooting for them. Starting with the candy trumpets – gold everything next year. Maybe platinum.

  53. I remember reading Hannah Arendt's glowing praise of Niccolo Machiavelli as a pioneering political philosopher.Dick Cheney liked him, too.I'm becoming more and more convinced that The Prince is satire.That's an interesting thought. I think I agree, but I'd need to reread The Prince to be sure.

  54. Jeg bor i Nord og savner litt snø, sÃ¥ bare gladelig send over litt. Vil sÃ¥ gjerne gÃ¥ pÃ¥ ski…Takk for tips, i disse istider og jeg kjøpte et dekke pÃ¥ Biltema for Ã¥ ha pÃ¥ fronten slik at jeg slipper skraping om morgenen.. HÃ¥per det bedrer seg i Bergen!

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  56. “lorne” I must ask if you have an education? Your ranting does not make any sence! Your brain drool is making my head hurt! If I was the person in the civic, I would have called 911. I would have reported this guy because this stuff has to stop. Slow down, look where you are going, and visalize using signals people!

  57. Hey, you left-wing nut. I’m an independent conservative AMERICAN who has lived in Europe, the far east and Asia. I have traveled in more countries than you limited math skills can count. I’ve also been all over the U.S. back yards you seem to put down. You can be in awe of the mostly worthless Hollywierd petrverts and lamestream media clowns. Just remember, you are what and who you eat. Go back to looking at pictures in celbrity mags and sucking up the trash on ET. That’s about the most depth of your intelligence level.

  58. on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “He’s a very generous person. We give 10 percent of our income to our church every year. Do you think that is the kind of person who is trying to hide things, or do things? No. He is so good about it. Then, when he was governor of Massachusetts, didn’t take a salary for four years.”“We’ve given all you people need to know and understand about our financial situation and how we live our life,” she added later.

  59. Nun, ich glaube jeder sieht aus den Logos etwas anderes heraus. Wenn man dann mal vergleichen würde, was die Logo Macher dabei dachten, dann würden sicher jede Menge Unterschiede zu Tage kommen. Also ich denke, man sollte sich nicht soviele Gedanken über die Bedeutung der Logos machen.

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  63. “If we let it bloom, if we let it in, grief can make the little mundane moments that pepper our days absolutely magical. It can make those little snippets of ordinary life glisten and glow.”–this is a beautiful way to sum up what I’ve felt many times during those early hours and days and weeks of a loss. Wishing your friend and family peace…tj

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  66. I’m confused as to the second to last panel. Is Nathan’s scar “highlighted” because that one Ranger guy recognizes him by it?Also, the VI reminds me more of the Olympic hurdlers than anything else. I might be on Olympic overload.

  67. Sorry, I mixed up Winter Soldier with Congressional hearings. They happened a few days apart, and Kerry repeated testimony from Winter Solider at the Congressional hearings.Nonetheless, some of the people who testified at Winter Soldier were not veterans. And in fact, some of witnesses did cooperate. In other cases, it could be shown without their cooperation that the witnesses were either not in the military, not the person they claimed to be, or not involved in the military role they claimed for themselves. (See links above.)

  68. >levetoLes chats, c’est comme les femmes, il faut les faire rire…Oui, et vous savez vous y prendre, vous… Ma nounou m’a dit et répété : « Si un homme te fait rire au petit déjeuner, il faut le garder, parce qu’il te fera rire toute ta vie. »

  69. I tend to think if this kind of treatment is acceptable to them, then so what.  The 2009 street protests were driven as much by students having time off as much as anything else. This is a society where 4 out of 5 people have no living memory of the Shah. And it will take as much time as it did the Soviet Union to implode and for the same reasons which have nothing to do with day to day humiliations.

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  71. I can understand why you wouldn’t want to be his friend. But how else are you going to know that that boat he was on the other day was a three hour hire, or that his modelling agent is called J_ S_, or that the very lovely red-head who always seems to have a bad hair day is called L_ J_ F_.

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  76. I am JUST like you. I smother pretty much all meals in hot sauce (Franks Red Hot !) and have a love for Indian, Thai, and Mexican foods (my three faves !!!) As for spicy misadventures, one time at an Indian restaurant, I accidentally ate one of those peppers that you aren’t really supposed to eat, haha, and almost died ! I was dripping from every orifice, sweat pouring out !!

  77. J'ai bien envie de relire une étude en rouge. récemment, j'ai lu les dernières nouvelles sur la fin de SH et de Moriarty en suisse, et j'ai été super déçu. Arthur Conan Doyle devait vraiment en avoir marre pour tuer son héros de manière aussi expéditive

  78. September 12, 2008 So, I just got back to watching the rest of this. Mr. Right had to signal me to return after the sock removal so I was not distracted.Based on the evidences (and the hairband was an obvious one), we believe this is actually a Christian exercise video.Question:Have we in the US been seriously misled to believe that “air” IS a two-syllable word in the UK? We’ve been told it is 3 in Australia.

  79. Pablo. Voc~e está sendo injusto. Na 5a. e 6a. desta semana, eu critiquei esses atos da torcida do Corinthians. Estou desperto, tenha certeza. Mas não faça acusações sem base. As ofensas á Marta foram injustas também e a meu ver piores, porque violaram leis estabelecidas. Quando o Grafite foi xingado de negro, ele a mando do SP abriu boletim de ocorr~encia, não foi ? E foi justo o que ele fez. E com a Marta, foi diferente ?

  80. Chris Trott / Les, obviously you dont know many "gay" people. Some of my friends are the most generous, pleasant and best people to be around. Too bad you judge someone based on their sexuality without getting to know who they really are. For Christians to be proud of not judging–there is a lot of judging going on.

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